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CISPR Standards

EMC TEsting    

    Introducing an electronic system within the European market is getting challenging from the design perspective. Indeed it is not enough to design a working system, the system must comply with several regulations. In particular what is required for a certain product is defined by the European directives. The European directives are publicly available and can be found online by Euro Lex. The directives are very high level regulations but are a “must to be compliant” with. For an engineer looking for numbers, the directives are not the answer they may search for. Indeed the directives describe general needs that a system may support, but not how to achieve it or test it to make sure that you are compliant. The directives only require the designer to test the product with the “state of the art” knowledge, but do not specify what those are. Once you are compliant with the directives you may apply the CE marching on the product that can be sold in the European market. It is important to highlight that multiple directives generally apply to the same product, thus some time may be needed to understand which ones really apply to the product and which not.

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