RS232 Terminal

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The RS232 protocol is a quite old standard, nevertheless it is far from being obsoleted. Many embedded systems still rely on that protocol as easy and powerful tool for debugging and data exchange. For instance Linux based embedded systems often use it as backdoor terminal for debugging. The USB standard could not ignore the hegemony of its hold predecessor, hence, within the CDC class (Communication Device Class) defined in the USB standard, there is a portion of it dedicated to the RS232 emulation.  Many systems, even if are complying with USB standard are actually designed to handle a virtual RS232 communication port. Data exchange with such devices can still be performed using the old tools for RS232. One of the most used program is without any doubts HyperTerminal, designed by Microsoft and included with all the Windows distributions...till Windows XP. HyperTerminal disappearance let other free programs,  to take over. Even if it seams that there is no room any longer for RS232 free tools, whoever has used any of those, would have been glad having on hands more features, normally provided only by commercial Software.
Transmitting and reading data in HEX format, sending multiple word packets, Data Parsing, auto send, data formatting, are some of the features that come with RS232 Terminal, making it one of the most flexible tool for RS232 debugging...and all come for Free.


RS232 Terminal


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